Monday, August 19, 2013

Day three and I am still doin' it.

It's like being in rehab getting back on the healthy eating kick. I am constantly thinking I could 'sneak' to 'my' bakery (might as well be since i fund the joint) or eat early or just eat. Oh man, just a little carb and sugar, c'mon man.

I was pretty sick this weekend which I think was a sugar with drawl. OK might be making the metaphor  stretch a little thin. badaboom! here all week, eat the veal.

I do feel better and I am sleeping better even after a couple of days even tho the series end for True Blood was weird and left me going 'huh?'. It seems to have developed into something else. Not sure what. And Eric. Just ... Eric.

Today is the first full day that I have to myself. Sort of. Well, not really but it should be so that counts, right?  Dh and I were talking about sneaking away for a few days now that I have the full time gig but it turns out he can't get any time of work. However, we did promise to work out a way to get some time away from home.  I have always wanted to go to Bermuda.  For someone from England and my generation it's like James Bond glam.  I've heard it really expensive but maybe for our wedding anniversary? That would be super romantic. It's two hours away. I could be on a moped by lunchtime. Oh let a girl dream can't ya!

Kids were very tired this weekend and I got sick (thanks Pip) so we just kind a hung out. Jigsaw puzzles and boiled eggs. We went to 'our' bakery for brunch and all the tourists were gawking and my guys tucking into their eggs and soldiers. I was so NY twin mum about the whole. 'What? They're three now. They can drive, speak mandarin and work the stock exchange'. At least I was till Pip flicked the yolk at me coz 'it's a'. Must watch my language.

What mini breaks have you taken and how did you decide on them?

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