Friday, August 23, 2013

Ballet pas de deux weeks

I love watching ballet. So when I had a little girl that also loves to prat around with her arms in the air I thought "hell, yes"

I waited till a great deal came on-line and bingo! 10 ballet classes with the S.wiss American Ballet school. It was supposed to start two weeks ago.  For two weeks we Mimi's mop of brush hair back (with magic gel) and don pink tights (no shine) white leotard (spaghetti strap only) little ballet slippers and a sweet white band for her head and trot off to the other side of town.

Each week the snotty teacher cancels.

They have the nerve to mandate a strict dress code and then not have the frikkin class! WTF. Next Friday better be something out of this world.

I called the teacher and said "we are at the school for the 10am class but there's no-one here?"
"Oh darlin' you 'ave to confirrrrrrrrm et you did not"
"I see, so paying for the class isn't the same as actually confirming the class. Good to know. Let me confirm for next week now  so we don't score a triple on the return shall I?"
"oh you must confirrrrrrrrm ze day before"
"no, I must confirm now, coz I took the day off work to be here and it costs me a great deal of money and my kid has been disappointed for the second week an a row so, madam, aller en classe la semaine prochaine, d'acord!'

There was another little girl that came for class - not ballet'd up (ha, tourist) but she only spoke French so my kids yelled at her,  y'know, they being American and all.


  1. What kind of stupid ballet company are they running??? Good grief. You really are expected to confirm every week? Well, at least your daughter looks adorable in her pink leotard (and what long legs! She is definitely meant to be a ballerina!)

  2. Wow, that is some racket she is running. Completely unacceptable.

    Glad you gave her back some of what she was doling out.

    Good luck with the actual class. Hope it lives up to the hype.