Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weigh In and catch up

Wow, its been a crazy week.

I went to Canada to meet some new work colleagues even tho I don't start my new full time position for quite some time.  It was two days and I was really nervous but they were great. They are smart,  funny and friendly people. Very competitive but I can handle that :)

There was lots of food. I ate carefully and drank tons of water. Down 1.8 pounds.

The kids missed me and I didn't make time to Skype with them (I only had 30 mins free time) but on  Friday I took Mimi to her first ballet class. Just Mimi and mummy. I sat outside the studio and watched as my little one ran around in tiny ballet slippers and a tutu. She and I loved being on our own (this is the first time). When we got home Pip was asked when his mummy time was but his class doesn't start for a while. I gave him all sorts of love and cuddles to make up for it.  It's so much fun having twins but the alone time is so special. An so easy!

Looking forward to alone time with Pip although I bet he asks for Mimi the moment he realizes she isn't coming with us!

Oh and it was my birthday yesterday.

Yup, quite the week.


  1. Hi! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Your weight loss is commendable!

    I have a 6 1/2 yr old and an 8 month old and some of my favorite times are when I am alone w each one (I do so love their brotherly interaction and our outings as a family of 4, but, still).