Saturday, August 10, 2013

Car Seat and Stoller GIVEAWAY!!!

  We have to get bigger seats for our guys and I thought if someone out there wants to take our old ones that would be cool. We've used a total of about 15 times coz we live in NYC so we don't drive!  No accidents, no dropping etc. We used them to go to UK and they were amazing - easy to fit on place, small enough for european backseats.

If you would like them (they also have the baby insert thing) then please let me know. At the moment I'm hoping someone will want to pick them up! Any new new york mamma's out there in need of a terrific lightweight, parent approved seat and stroller?? If you aren't in NYC and really need a car seat then just drop me a line.

Gently used CAR SEAT GIVEAWAY + Stroller base (foldable) with stroller bag x2 

Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat - Licorice
The lightweight and compact Coccoro convertible car seat is compatible with smaller vehicles. A 5-point harness with padding, Tru-Safe Buckle, forward and rear-facing lock-offs, energy absorbing EPS foam and 4 position height adjustments make for a safe and comfortable environment for your child. An adjustable infant insert can be accommodate infants starting at 3 lb. and position your child at the recommended 45 degree angle. The single-pull adjustable harness system, shoulder belt retainers and washable seat cushion add convenience.

    Compact design accommodates smaller fuel efficient vehicles
    Allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles
    5-point harness with chest clip
    Mini-connectors with red/green indicator
    Rear-facing tether with Tether Connector Strap
    One pull harness adjustment
    Tru-Safe Buckle
    Shoulder belt retainers for placing child in seat easier
    Rear-facing and Forward-facing Lock-Offs
    Tru-Safe Side Impact Protection (EPS)
    4 position height adjustments
    Belt Lock-Offs to provide a tight installation
    Removable Mommy's Lap Insert to provide comfort for smaller children
    Lightweight and easy to handle
    Fast and easy vehicle installation
Dimensions: 17 in (l) x 15.50 in (w) x 28.25 in (h)
Product Weight: 11.75 lb
Rear-facing weight capacity: 3-33 lb
Forward-facing weight capacity: 1 year and 20-40 lb
Height allowance: 40 in


  1. I'd absolutely love to have them because of our pending adoption of an infant but I live in Indiana :( Wonder what shipping would be?! Probably crazy expensive :(

  2. I would love to have them for my cousin who is going to have a baby any day. I live in Missouri, though. Would love to know how much shipping would be. y.anzhie -at)gmail

  3. Hi Guys, I'll find out the shipping costs to both Indiana and Missouri and let you know.

  4. Thank you so much. My email is auntmaggierocks at yahoo dot com when ya find out. Thanks so much, Maggie.

  5. I bet shipping to TN would be crazy! Even though I would love to have them for a friend who looking for car seats.

  6. Hi
    According to the shipping calculator I used to ship the stroller and seat is under $100. Fedex quoted me $40 or so but I shall go to an actual fedex store and ask a person. this may take me a few days.

    If its under $100 are you still interested?

    1. Yes! I would be very interested. You can also email me at anzhie -at- live -dot- com Thank you!

  7. Did you ever ship these or give them away? I would love to have one, I could Paypal you the money for shipping....


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