Friday, August 31, 2012

1, 2, 1, and a whole lot more

1 month in my new job and  ohhhhhhh it's a yukky mess which reduces me to tears most days.

2 little kids had their first visit to dentist. One went weeeee and the other went AHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! We have a binky removal effort underway.

1 new job interview :-)


... in a few days my kids start preschool.


Pre - school.

How is that possible. My babies. My babies are starting the long journey to not being my babies. Oh man. We are potty training. We are binky removing. We are proper underwear wearing. We are long sentence speaking, mind speaking, wall marking and big food eating preschoolers.



  1. Wow - that is a LOT going on! Sorry the job hasn't settled into something nice yet. I hope that it will. You are so on top of things, I am impressed - embarrassingly, we still have not taken Scout for a dentist appointment although we've discussed it on numerous occasions. You're inspiring me to get moving!

  2. Hi EB -- thinking of you this week, the start of preschool was really tough. Take pictures, that's my only advice. I'm not very good about pictures on those milestone days and then I always wish I had them. Hope the job stuff is sorting itself out. Sending love,