Saturday, August 18, 2012

2 yrs old!

The kids had their second birthday recently. We've had quite a few parties to celebrate - the family one, the nanny and play friends one and the mum/dad one.

 We have a table full of gifts yet to be open coz they just love playing with their cards :-) An apartment full of Dor.a balloons that just won't go down and a long list of thank you cards yet to be written.

Just as my guys turned two, BBUB+1 gave birth to her twins - boy and girl. So now I guess the blog with be BBUB +3! Congratulations to you all. I am so happy for you.

Having twins has been such a cool ride so far. It's physically demanding (my back is killing me most nights after all the picking up and bending over). Sometimes it's overwhelming but I think that is just the same as any number of kids. The best thing, for me, is the double cuddle. Laying on the sofa, covered in adoring toddler is just wonderful.

But far and away the loveliest thing about twins is watching them together. Something magical and special happens between them that transcends language. She will know when he is going to sneeze and have something ready for him. He will drop everything and defend her at playgroup if THAT kid is trying to bully her. I know they will have each other long after we are not around anymore and that is the greatest gift a mum can have.

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