Friday, August 24, 2012

So turns the world

So life is getting back in to some sort of routine. I have been in my new job three weeks and my reservation were all correct. The place is insane but there are enough of us scratching our heads that it makes it all fun.

Mimi has started asking me stay in the mornings. She grabs at my clothing or takes my shoes. It breaks my heart. I want to stay baby girl I really do. Pip cuddles up close and cries when I leave but I know he gets over it pretty quickly. Wish I could somehow parcel my life better. No, I wish I could just win the damn lottery and spend more time with my wonderful kids.

I'm going to bring them to work one day soon so they can see where I work and see where I go.

Until then, please help me with ways of getting out the door that doesn't end in my kids screaming my name and breaking my heart! 


  1. I wish I knew! I hate leaving my babies in the morn, especially when I have to pry my daughter's little fingers off my shirt. It breaks my heart! My son howls! Devastating for us, but they really get over it quickly.

  2. I sneak out every.single.morning. My 17 month old still hasn't caught on and he still cries but does get over it fast. My husband distracts him in the corner with something and I sneak away. It would definitely be harder with 2 on the lookout for mom!

  3. Put on a favorite dvd or tv show and sneak out quick!!