Friday, August 3, 2012

Count down to new times

This is my last day of freedom. I have spent most of it getting ready for next week and the following weeks.
How am I doing? Freaking out. Yup. A little retail therapy helped - new lipstick and a black dress.

I spoke with the little play school that we had signed up with.   One of the rules is that parents must be in attendance.  When we visited I was struck by how much I liked the school so I was totally bummed that we had to 'resign' from the school.
The women running it loved our super nanny so much that as we can teach one in 15 classes (which my husband will have to do) the guys can go to the school with super nanny. Whooohioooo
They will have preschool, dance class, art class and music class. I'm knackered just thinking about it!!

But that also means that they will have no time to wonder where the hell mummy is.  

With the amounts of preparation going into the various household have to's you'd think I was running for president.  The shopping is on auto delivery, the washing will be done by super nanny, bills are on auto payment and the Valium is ordered. Ok maybe not the Valium. Not a bad idea.

Ok. I have some free time left. I am going to watch tv, go to the gym and book a massage.

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  1. Change always comes with a good dose of anxiety, wonder, upheaval and worry. Soon, though, it will all be routine. And your kids WILL wonder where mom is, and will flash brilliant smiles at you when they see you at the end of the day to prove it. But transition is hard - I totally get it.