Saturday, August 11, 2012

extreme stress reaction

It's like a week long major panic attack and I had one.  All week. I ended up on pills and more pills.

The thing that brought most comfort was holding the kids at the end of the day. I also put up a screen saver that rotated through the kids photo's.

By the end of day 4 I was ready to quit. Funnily enough, day 5 things started to click.

Anyone else had anything like this? Over any event?


  1. Sometimes it's just a change in your daily routine that causes the panic attack. You've been home with the kids for a while and now youre routine has changed. maybe it's as simple as that? Try to relax, and if the panic continues, then maybe this isnt' the right position for you. Take it easy this week and try to sort it all out.

  2. I'm delurking to say hang in there! I really admire your courage and strength in taking on a new position, in addition to parenting. I'm a working mother of two small children as well, and struggle with anxiety issues- mainly in the middle of the night. I hope you are feeling better this week.

  3. Hi EB -- thinking of you a lot these past few days especially and hoping things are clicking away this week. So hard to start a new job, especially in a high-expectations role. I'll confess that I've been worked up two and a half times in the past year for possible heart attack which turned out to be (probably) anxiety attack. I've been going through another bout of it lately: getting cotton headed and half dizzy, tight, etc. at random times. And, of course, being afraid that something is really wrong (which it isn't, of course) just makes it worse. Be easy on yourself, and know you don't have to hit everything hard all at once. You know you're a high performer, you know you can do this, you know you can learn the stuff you don't already know, especially from a supportive, engaged boss/mentor. Take a week or so to settle in. Give yourself some time. Exercise if you can, it makes it all better. Sending much love!

  4. You know, the perfect storm, right? New job (anxiety), being away from kids (anxiety), wondering if you made the right decision (anxiety), new routine (anxiety)....all coming together at once. Interesting (to me, anyway), the few times at work when my ogre bosses pissed me off to the Nth degree and I thought my head and heart were going to explode, I did much the same as you - I went to my office, shut the door, and looked at photo after photo of Scout. It was the ONLY thing that could calm me down and bring me back to center.

    Now then, I'm late by 2 days, but I want to wish your precious little darlings a very Happy 2nd Birthday! I hope the celebration filled your heart with joy (somehow I'm sure it did!).