Friday, September 7, 2012

Kids at work

The demands of my new work life are strange. It's not necessary the hours (which are civilized most of the time) its the sociology.  I don;t want to become something I don't want to be. Well, how's that for a dreadful sentence!

So far I am holding fast against the whole thing but its hard and tiring.

So today I just had to see my kids. We live close to my office luckily and they were delighted to play somewhere new.  I held on to them like I was drowning.  I wonder if its the unconditional love that brings me back to what I believe is the 'right thing'? Or is it their wild enthusiasm and trust in life?

Whatever it is I needed it. I got it and it was just in the nick of time.

And now we are on the count down to starting preschool. Wednesday. It's only preschool I know but we have had new haircuts and lots of clothing talk. Grandma want to get them little school uniforms from an english store she loves. Why not!  They have backpacks (Dor.a of course!).  New white socks. New school shoes. Even new PJ's thanks grandma. They are only going for two morning a week!!! However I've cobbled together something for morning and afternoon every day except Friday afternoon.

Am I living through my kids? Hell Yeah. Art, Dance, Gym, School, and hopefully, once they get to 2.5yrs swimming with mum on saturday morning

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  1. Ah, what the heck...nothing wrong with living life through your kids. If they can't bring you the joy no one else can, what's the point? I get SO MUCH undefinable, indescribable something from my kids that no one and nothing else provides. I consider it the grand payoff for all the hard work that goes into being a mom.

    Yay for preschool and new clothes!