Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm baaaaack!!!

Feels like I've been gone a really long time! Good grief that was a long week. Big work event where everyone lost their heads. I even had to spend a whole night away from my little ones. 

Well, not so little really. 

Mimi is tall and thin and quite shapely. I foresee lots of arguments about figure hugging clothing in her future. Pip is just delightful and quite the mommas boy. Both mommas - the day momma and the real momma. 
Yep, Pip has started calling super nanny 'momma'. It was painful just because  I immediately went down the guilt rabbit hole. Then I got my ego in check and realised that my son loves his caretaker so much he bestows the highest title on her :-) So we call her Momma A. She beams with pride :-)

I love directing the play, no matter how hard it is. But I am also looking forward to seeing the kids again. Spending my weekends running around NYC with my grown up babies. 
My Preschool babies. They didn't manage the whole class (Pip fell asleep) but they joined in and listened to the teachers. Pip even pee'd on the regular little kid loo. OK, maybe TMI but I was as proud as punch of them both. 

So, here we go. School. Wow. 

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