Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well, look at that, who'd of thought of it. I've got myself a dose of vertigo (and an ear infection).

Now, before you call the health authorities on account of our massive amounts of sickness and general unholiness, I'm prone to summer ENT illness. The New York pollen is just like the rest of the city - aggressive and my dainty English sinuses can't defend themselves. However I have never had vertigo before. Not sure if I believe the doctor. She gave me a z.pack so ...

So, as long as it goes over the next week my staggering and tipping and falling around should be gone in time for our little trip up north. Our 4th of July holiday. I am totally psyched. So American. We shall wave flags. We shall jump in swimming pools. I shall sleep late ... and often.

Now, back to Masterpiece theatre, a cup of tea. If I don't topple of the sofa :)

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