Monday, June 25, 2012

Bum, Tum and Toys

I've traveled half way around the world with a small backpack and no lists. I didn't pre- book accommodation, return flight, itineraries etc. Preparation? What was the fun in that!

When I saw how much stuff the kids had to have I thought to myself, I shall never travel again. Then of course, we have the grandparents in the UK who are both ill and want to see their kids before its too late.  We have the other only living relatives on the other coast who have never met these kids coz honestly, they ain't grandparents and they ain't that interested.

So the first trip we took was a 30 min car ride and we had 4 bags of stuff.
The second trip was an international trip and we micro managed everything, even rehearsing the security routine to get both kids thru.

Next week we have a few days in the country,  thanks to a very nice friend and colleague. We're driving two hours away and I started with the lists about a month ago. I had the clothing, medical, entertainment, GPS, rainy day, too hot day, emergency reactions and must have toys lists.

And now. I have lost my lists. They got wiped from my phone. After a moment of bone chilling panic I now feel liberated.  Here's what I realized. As long as I have the basics - bum, tum and toys - we'll be fine.

Bum - nappies
Tum - health & food
Toys - the must haves

Seriously, what else do we need to carry? There are always shops and supermarkets. Kids don't need plastic toys when there is a huge garden to run around in and a pool in the village.

How totally liberating.

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  1. Brave, woman, brave! I would be scrambling to re-create my list. So good for you, liberated! I'm sure it will all work out just fine.