Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We took Pip to the doctor and they did all sorts of tests. Thankfully he's fine. His infection is clearing and the horrible cough is a good sign, apparently. The panting that I was worried about his because of the amount of gunk he's coughing up. We are on observation mode again (or the 'just in cases').

There was a bust up between doctors about Pip's prescription. According to Dr 1 is was a good call but Dr 2 thought that it was out dated and crap.  Dr 2 is the head honcho, I believe and I was more than a little relieved when he turned up.  He was pretty mad at Dr 1 for being so quick to prescribe too. He said she should have waited 24 hours with strict observation instructions. Instead a not-yet-2-year-old has to have 10 days of Rx when it may not have been necessary. Harrumph. It was all civilised of course but even a one eyed Tasmanian mole could tell what was really going on. No offense if you are a one eyed Tasmanian mole.

So we are on high fever alert. If he gets a high fever more than twice we are to call for a replacement Rx.

 When they came back with good news my body just unlocked and I nearly fell asleep sitting in the waiting room!  I have muscle ache from all the tension. I also felt ill last night which I think was overload of adrenalin.
Such a huge HUGE HUGGGGEEEE relief.

Pip may be quiet, tired and a bit cranky but he's walking around and eating and drinking.

By the way. Very weak chamomile iced tea is amazing at soothing wired babies (thanks to crap Rx) and helping the cough.

Dr 1 also told me it was OK to give the kids honey. Now, honey is on the 'not-yet' list the practice gave us. Do/Did you give your 2 yrs old honey?


  1. I'm glad to hear PIP is doing better. Q had pneumonia in February and the doctor recommended honey for his sore throat and his cough. He wouldn't have any of it, but it supposed to be safe for little ones.

  2. Glad he is improving and that you were able to finally exhale. I hope everyone gets a better nights sleep tonight.

    Yes to the honey @ 2.

  3. Good to hear he is improving. Sick babies are an awful thought...

    And yes for honey at 2yo. My son asks for it and is like a bear on it. :-)