Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poo stories from around the nation

When something event-like happens with the kids I get a little light that goes on in my brain to remind me to post about it.

What seems to be happening more and more is I catch up on the news from the blogs I read (open about 6 pages and speed read!) and without fail two or three of us have the same news!

Yes, this time it's potty training. We are giving it a go (no pun intended) with the little man. Pip has been successful a few times but hated it. He asks for the potty and then hates it. Bit confusing.

Well, BWUB and Sprogblogger both have potty posts. How mad is that. Within days of each other. It makes me feel like part of some wonderful community or village. It makes me feel like I have a family, sort of.

Congrats to all our pooper troupers! 


  1. Yep! Yay for poo! (And how embarrassing that I can say that with a totally straight face!)

  2. I must say that I envy both you and Sprogblogger for attempts at potty training. We thought that J might be ready, but did the same as little Pip. He was excited about the potty at 1st, and then HATED it. He went in his training pants 7 times that day. We decided to give him a bit longer. A has constipation issues that is being addressed by a GI. He has to be put on Mira.lax in order to, ahem, go. Since the goal is to make sure that goes every day and doesn't try to hold it, we have to make sure that, well, the consistency is such that he cannot hold it. Fun times. So, the Dr says we have to hold off on potty training him for a bit. Both of my boys can sit in a wet diaper and not be fazed at all. A messy diaper is the same way. Unless an adult notices that they have pooped in their diapers, they will just sit in it as if it were the most comfortable thing in the world.....I am hoping the that at least J will be potty trained by the time preschool starts in Sept..... Good luck with Pip! (and Mimi)

  3. Cool! I'm glad we're still managing to do things on the same schedule (and yes, I too realized our respective twins will have birthdays just days apart!). Definitely like family, EB. :)

    I've had a potty seat for Scout for some time. The kind that fits onto your regular toilet. I tried gently many times to get him to use it and the moment he was seated on it he wanted OFF. It finally dawned on me to ASK him (duh, kid's got verbal skills, take advantage) and indeed, he was afraid and scared when seated up there on that big potty. That's when I got the little stand-alone Bjorn chair. Kiddo size. Bingo.

    But of course since I had to go and *brag* on my blog about his amazing potty training accomplishment, he kind of forgot this morning and ended up making a good-sized puddle on the dining room floor. is a process, yeah?

    Anyway, it sounds like Pip is on the verge and I bet he takes to it sooner than later. Early starter!