Saturday, June 9, 2012

Round two ...

Pip was on the mend, he was eating better and moving around. Then Mimi started. Over night her temp sky rocketed. It was capped by the medicine we gave her (calpol) so then we went to the doctors in the morning.

They did all the usual checks. Nothing. Then she asked about her peeing. So we had to bag her and do a urine test. I had to hold my girl down while a bag was secured to catch her pee. Thankfully - nothing. No infection. Phew.

Take her home for observation.


She didn't eat. I was told about a 'double threat' virus going around (puke and poo) so we stashed the towels, water and disinfection.

During the night she was so hot even in her thinest PJ's - her hair all soaking wet, even with the calpol. DH packed the hospital ER bag just in case. Just as I was getting dressed to go to the ER she started to cool down. An hour later she was fast asleep and no problems.

What the what?????

So. Now. Today. We had a temperature free day. We had a puke, poo, screaming, snot flowing free day.

Can we stand down for a few hours? Please.


  1. oh my goodness, that sounds AWEFUL! I'm so sorry. I hope the kiddos are on the mend soon. Mom and Dad need a much needed rest!

  2. Wow, it really is double with twins. I am sorry. Sending healthful thoughts up and out.