Friday, June 22, 2012

Dizzy my head is spinning

Ya, I think we have been visited by the bug fairy again. In the middle of the night I woke up really dizzy which is a very odd feeling. This morning I was playing with the kids and was like being on a boat! I guess its my turn to go to the doctor 'cept I don't have one. How ironic is that! Maybe the kids doctor will see me ;-)

As I write the kids are stroking my hair repeating 'nice' in their little baby voices. I could do without the dribble from the binky but hey small price to pay. It started me thinking. What will it be like to return to an office job. It's not like I am sitting around doing nothing at the moment (this week alone I have worked 80 hours and it's only Friday) but I am working from home. I get to take a break and play at monsters. I get to hear the kids and see the kids and it just makes it all so wonderful.

It's the age old dilemma for working mums. Do I have a career or do I just get a job.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I say if you can make good money being a contractor and still play monsters then do it!!! Full time "real" jobs are over rated. I know, I just got one three weeks ago. First paycheck today. And we are going to be broke. Ugh. And I get to see baby only at night and on weekends. You can get a "real" job when the kids go to kindergarten! Just my two cents! Good luck and feel better!

  2. I was very career focused before having the twins. Now? Not so much. My career is making sure my children are taken care of and grow up to be responsible, caring adults. My job just pays the bills.

  3. I agree with Suzanne. I was very career focused before the twins. Now I consider it "part" of my career. I recently told a new Mom that we should be able to write on our resume that we are "trying not to raise serial killers." Perhaps I just decided I didn't want a "career" as much, but one day I came to the realization that when I am out of the workforce (by retirement or whatever) someone will always be there to take my place, move new ideas forward, etc. But nobody is stepping up to the plate to take responsibility to help my kids grow up to be responsible, caring adults (as Suzanne so eloquently put it). Chances are that any one idea that I would have had by focusing primarily on my job will not change the world for better in a real and measurable way. But helping these children become productive members of society will. Besides, I figured can focus more on your career when the kids are older and need less attention. While I know that this puts a "limitation" on career advancement, my career generally doesn't make me as happy as the kids do.

    Hope you feel better soon!