Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Pip woke up covered ... stop laughing ... Pip woke up covered in the lurgy. A red rash from head to foot.  I thought it was an allergic reaction from the Penicillin but super nanny suggested I take him in.

Not an allergy at all. This is some common summer virus starting with an e. Not serious and should go away in a week. By which time I will have become a frikkin' doctor so we can give our regular medical staff some time off.

To recap: over the past week and half we have had

1. Pneumonia
2. Pukes
3. Fever x 2
4. Virus
5. Rash

which equates to:
4 doctor visits
3 prescriptions
2 nights with no sleep at all for anyone
1 night of kids in bed with us - never again

and a partridge in a bloomin' pair tree


  1. UGH! (not at all helpful but very sympathetic)

  2. I'm so sorry to read this but you did give me a good laugh! :)

  3. Oh that word Lurgy! Love it! As in the dreaded Lurgy!!
    Get better soon, kids!

  4. You all have suffered much the past 2 weeks. I hope the silver lining is that your kids are going to develop some of the toughest antibodies, so that by the time they go to kindergarten, they'll never catch another thing!

    BTW, Scout had a similar red body rash a few weeks ago. I took him in to see the doc too. Allergy. Virus. Something. Something non-harmful but annoying nevertheless.