Sunday, June 10, 2012

Are you freakin' kidding me!

This morning did not bode well. Pip wasn't eating and was really clingy. Then he puked like a volcano. I am not good with puke. Not at all. Neither, would it seem is my dear little fella. 

We have a back up babysitter but I decided to let the nanny know I was calling the back up baby sitter.  She told me in no uncertain terms she was on her way.  This chick does not live close and it is a hot thunderstorm Sunday. She was like Mary Poppins. Sent me out for pidia/lite and to get a cup of tea! In under three hours our super nanny had it all sorted. Pip ate, then drank and then wanted to play. 

I feel totally inept and amazingly grateful. She even refused payment. She said that we give her so much all the time that it was nice to be able to return the favour.  The moment she left I burst into tears out of relief and gratitude. 

At this moment, Pip has eaten his way through half a watermelon and is watching his girlfriend - Dora - on the TV. 

Seriously, now can we stand down? 

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  1. Oh, EB, I've been out of touch for a week and I see that all sorts of sickness has been going on in your home. I can't even imagine dealing with two sick kids, fever, pneumonia, puking, etc. You are doing a great job and the fact that your nanny came to help doesn't diminish the fact that you do 99%. You are the rock for your kids. Through sickness and health, they know you will be there. I hope everyone is feeling better - including you!