Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whachya looking at?

The kids have started to follow me with their eyes when I move around the room. It makes me deliriously happy. They stop crying when I hold them (unless I am being an idiot). Mimi feels like a heavy teddy bear when I cuddle her and she rests her perfect chubby cheeks against mine and coos. Pip has starting smiling for real and boy, he is going to be a soooooo much fun. He cracks me up with that grin. It's kinda lob-sided and cheeky. His eyes sparkle and can see right into your soul. He reminds me of those little paper boys you see in black and white movies.

Isn't it great that this weekend will be sunny and cold! We are all dressing up in soft wool and getting rosy cheeked in the fresh air. I will walk them for a couple of hours, maybe down to the market or up to my favourite coffee place. We shall hang in the park and watch the big kids play. I'll take a book so we can read in the sunshine, or at least I can read and they can sleep under their super warm blankets.

That's what life is about right now. Pottering and bonding. Falling in love. Being loved back. Loving so very deeply, so very much that its intensely consuming. And I have two of them to love!! I have two wonderful kids. When people say "wow you're so brave" or "ohhhh twins, hard!" I just think "what are you talking about? Can't you see how much better this is??" Bet then, I'm biased.

Today's question is about skin. Pip has rough patches on his legs. Not big or itchy. What's with that?


  1. Maybe ecezema? My kids get it on their legs. The lowest dose (1%? 1/2%?) OTC cortisone cream (hydrocortisone) + moisturizer does the trick for us. They recommend the lowest dose for kids. Just see what's on the shelf and pick the lowest strength.

    They make some creams now that are hydrocortisone + aloe ... cortisone + moisturizer cream all in one. Eucerine and aquaphor oinments are moisturizers commonly recommended for medical purposes (aquaphor makes a goop that people swear by for serious eczema and other issues). But any baby moisturizer will probably do. J&J makes a handy little moisturizing stick for babies -- looks like those sunscreen sticks for your face.

    There are oatmeal powders you can add to the bath, but when you have eczema, less bathing is better than more. Bathing only when necessary is easier on the skin, so skip it when you can.

    When my three year old had some rough patches on his cheeks as a baby, the cortisone + moisturizer did the trick and cleared it up remarkably fast. Arms and legs are a common location for it, especially in winter.

  2. It's fun - and quite amazing - to watch them develop and grow. Yes, intense love, and pride. Look what he did!

    Your day in the cold weather, snuggly and cozy, sounds wonderful. I'm not sure what the rough patches are, but with us, when something doesn't clear up after a week or two, I call the doctor's office.

    Oh, and as for twins, I think you're right. I've said more than once that the only way I could be any happier is if I had TWO of my boy!