Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Nutty Sunday

Oh my what a day. And it is soooo not over yet

They went nuts today. Crying and puking, the whole deal. After hour and hours of screaming and juggling they are finally taking a break. I should be bathing them about now but HELL NO! I want quiet for as long as they can keep the napping going.

In the midst of it all my client wanted changes made to a presentation!! Ass!!!!! I fly to San Fransisco tomorrow to give a presentation and then I turn around and fly home.

I have just eaten an entire pot of ice cream - fat free. I have never eaten that much ice cream in my life, I think I may barf.

Oh no, I hear noises from the kids room. Why does DH have to work till 10pm today

Booo hooooooo


  1. Sorry it's been a bad day. Have you thought about wearing your babies? Yes, you can wear twins. Check out the Moby and also the Ergo. It really helps when they are fussy. Good luck on your presentation!

  2. Oh of THOSE days. Those are the kinds of days I spend cursing silently in my head. At the poop. At the puke. At my DH. At the dogs. At everyone except the baby. To him I just urge a silent: "Pleeeeease, sleep a little longer!"

    So you'll be here in my neck of the woods again. And again I'll be at the office. One of these days we will make a point of meeting!