Friday, November 12, 2010

Rocking and rolling

We finally got our rocking chair. Its really comfy and I have rocked a screaming baby into blissful calm at least twice today. Now, here I sit, calm and gently rocking myself to sleep.

We have started cooking again. Well, its more like assembling but hey, it's a start. Out budget has been blown to pieces with one thing or another so we decided to eat in until further notice. We love eating out so it's a bit of a blow but I can cheat - I have to eat out for work ;-)

Gym again today. Longer, faster and I started crunches. Ow! Did anyone else find that crunches really hurt after a C-section? I reverted to Pilate's style crunches.

Quite a few times I feel blissful, especially at night with the kids down and the house tidy. I just love, love, love being a mum. I love that they want to sit with me over anyone else. I love that I can calm them or make them smile. I love that I make improvements to our home in their best interest. Even the tiredness (with work and kids etc) is somewhat blissful - I can sleep at night (I had horrible insomnia) I can sleep anytime, anywhere, anytime.

Guess I am loving this whole thing :-)

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