Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last night I had a 'work do'. I don't drink but my colleagues do and did to abandon! One of them casually slurred into my ear
"when the boss goes you guys will be history, you know that, right?"

Well, yeah, I kinda figured it out but holy shite lady, i just had twins! No-one wants to hear that sort of thing. Right now I'm wigging out. I am the sole breadwinner of the family. WTF!!!

I've already set up two 'just in case' offers but still, my stomach is in knots and my boobs just stopped producing milk. I got about 1floz this morning. Stress anyone.


  1. You should write that lady a thank you note, she sounds like a real peach. Sorry for all the stress. You know, they say that stress decreases milk as well. Not to pile it on you or anything....

  2. Yikes. Scary. Definitely time to be looking around for new position. Was the slur-ladie a superior? Amazing what gets said after a few drinks.

  3. She is superior I guess. We are in different divisions of the corp. No relation to my division.