Thursday, November 18, 2010


I deleted my last past. I don't want a fleeting moment of anger to exist on the internet forever.

Pip slept for 12 hours last night. He had a little feed around 12am but he seems to have hit his sleep stride. By 4pm he is whining for his (super long) bath. He loves the water! Then, snuggled in a lovely pair of PJ's he has a little bottle, a cuddle, a story and he's away.
Mimi fights sleep as long as she can. Poor little bugger is exhausted before she finally gives in. She'd sleep thru the night if she never had a wet diaper. She HATES being wet.

Last night, they were both post bath, smelling faintly of lavender and clean baby, and we all sat in our new rocker and had a glorious 15 mins of smiling, sighing and eye drooping.

It's always hard to enjoy one child at a time. I feel guilty when I cuddle one. Guess that will always be the way.

Out to the theatre tonight, first time since they were born. Hope DH can handle them!! In all honesty I am way too tired to go out but I made this arrangement while preggers and totally forgot about it. Ah well, sure it will be fun.


  1. I hope you have a great time!!

  2. I love the mini-stories of your routine with the babies. Makes me feel like I'm there, smelling the lavender and enjoying the sweet cuddles before bedtime. I LOVE my pre-bedtime cuddle with my baby, and rocking him to sleep is the BEST. But now that he's older, forget reading him a book! He doesn't want to sit quietly and listen and watch. Ohhhnoooo...he wants to repeatedly slap the book with his hands, grab it and wedge a corner of it into his mouth, throw the whole book if he gets the chance and ultimately scream at the boredom of it all as I try to gently point out and name the dog, the bunny, etc. I hope that one day he will again enjoy sitting and reading a book with me.