Friday, November 19, 2010

The plays the thing.

LOVED going to the theatre last night. I was super tired and grumpy before hand. If I hadn't promised my friend I would go I would have been in bed! However, I went and I am delighted I did. I love live theater and last night was very live!

However the thing that I loved the most was an old feeling. I have been consumed by my new motherhood role (and happily so) but I have missed the confidence I enjoyed pre-pregnancy. We sat in front of some movie actor ( and in true NY style I pretended to not notice) and then I walked home through Times Square and the tourists. It was a cold night and there was that Christmas nip in the air. I felt almost high! I had this feeling deep inside me that things were coming together.

What a wild ride this is.

Pip and Mimi had their 3 month check up. She is over 12 pounds, long in leg and hits the 75% for girls. Pip gained 1.5lb and grew all round but he is still in the 3-5%. The doc gave him an Rx of Zan.tac to help with the feeding pains. Of course, we want him out of the 5% group but he is growing and healthy and smiling and holding his head up and basically, a wonderful regular kid. ;-)


  1. Mmmm, what a great evening out! I love that you pretended not to notice the actor. (peeking slyly from the corner of your eye?) It won't be long and NYC will be aglow with holiday lights!

    My goodness, 3 months old already. Go, kids, go! I bet Pip catches up before too long.