Friday, October 8, 2010

Sleeping question

we are in the process of sleep training (ohhhh so much fun). Little boy is a good sleeper but his hands are freezing. I know he doesn't like being cold and I think this is part of the reason he wakes up. Hats don't stay on his head and his hands are cold.

We use a sleep sack but I can't find one with gloves.

Any ideas??


  1. You might try these for the head, since you can tie it on:

    As for the hands, they do have infant mittens. Or you could improvise ... buy some tube socks in a slightly larger size -- like 1 yr or so -- and put them over his hands and all the way up the elbow ... you could even tuck them in the sleep sack. That way he won't brush or shake them off.

    Just be careful watch out you don't let him get overheated.

  2. I never used a sleep sack but I assume it has arms like a shirt? Maybe you could get the next biggest size and sew the openings shut on the arms (which would then be LIKE socks but attached). You could probably use fabric glue if you don't sew but check that it's safe since he might put his covered hands in his mouth. Just a thought - good luck!

  3. EB - can you give us a post about sleep training? which method are you following? Is your nanny doing it or are you? Did you use a sleep consultant? thanks!

  4. sleeveless sleep sack over a long sleeve t with fold over cuffs?


  5. I used the shirts with "mitten cuffs" when Bunny was tinier - why they don't make them in big boy sizes is beyond me. His hands are always chilly by middle of the night. I'm tempted to sew some doggone cuffs on his jammies. We also have one gown (elastic at the bottom) that has long sleeves and mitten cuffs.