Friday, October 29, 2010

Odd physical things

TMI Alert - I have bright yellow vaginal discharge (11 weeks pp). Its a little disconcerting. Can anyone shed light upon this gruesomeness?


  1. I had this for weeks starting somewhere around 12weeks, I finally went to the OB and they did all sorts of cultures and it came back as strep B so they put me on antibiotics and it eventually went away. But I went weeks thinking what in the world is wrong with me, i never itched or anything thats why I waited awhile! TMI...but it would like pour out like water(sorry nasty I know) Hope this helps!

  2. I'd call the ob, just to make sure. Don't remember having anything like that myself.Good luck hon!

  3. I didn't have anything like that either. Good idea to get it cultured.

    I'm just getting caught up on commenting after a few busy days. Glad you are feeling better on your meds. Sounds like upping them a bit was just what you needed.

    Nothing like seeing your baby smile, is there? They seem to be doing pretty good with sleeping through the deep dark night hours. Hopefully it will just get better from here!