Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not twins

I read lots of blogs about twins. OK a few. Everyone talks about how their twins are always together, playing together, being together, afraid when they are apart etc.
My twins are not like that. Pip cries like a deranged person if Mimi gets in his space. What's with that? She is quite a bit bigger than he is and she did spend most of the time in-ute kicking his head but what happens if they can't stand each other. We only have one space for them so they will be sharing a room for quite some time. Rather than mirror each other (which I read on blogs is really common for twins) my guys are polar opposites. One hates the cold, the other hates the heat. One likes to sleep in the am the other hates it. One likes to nap in the evening the other hates that. Needless to say, I am knackered trying to keep up. Even with our schedule this is one tiring job.

Please tell me stories of how twins grow to like each other!! And how it gets easier. I'll take any morsel you got.


  1. Don't worry! They will grow to like each other! Right now, your twins aren't at the age yet where they can really interact with each other, or even realize that the other one is another baby.

  2. The stories about twins being on the same schedule, etc. are about identical twins. Their genetics are the same, so they're obviously eating, sleeping, acting the same. With fraternal twins, they are totally different people with different temperments. Mine are totally different also - sleeping differently, eating differently and we can't keep them on the same schedule. I'm hoping it will change as they mature. Hang in there - I'm sure they'll start to like each other soon. Mine just recently starting interacting with each other on the play mat. Oh, and we have them set up in separate rooms because they wake each other up all night right now while they're both sleeping in the living room.

  3. Oh my gosh! It's like I'm reading one of my own posts! I had the same issue. My daughter would cry (and still does) anytime her brother got close to her, touched her, etc. I honestly thought they hated each other.
    They are now one and they are starting to interact more. She still gets upset with him because he tends to steal her toys/books when she is playing with them. She still does the "push away" like she's saying "Get away from me big brother".
    I have a friend who also has b/g twins who are 15 months and she said they are now like best friends.