Thursday, October 14, 2010

Morning Mum

Now I am back at work I get up at 5am so I can pump, shower and change whilst the nanny is still here. I also get to have a cuddle with one of them. This morning it was Pip that caught my eye. I pick him up and the night nanny lets me know he is a bit 'liquid' (i.e he is throwing up) at which point I get a shower of regurgitated baby formula. Do I care? nope. Coz I'm his mum. How cool is that.

Thanks for the pumping replies - very helpful. I am trying to pump every three hours. I would love to write that this is because I am dedicated to my kids well being however it is more to help the weight loss (ha ha ha ha). What is with the wobbly belly? And the flag arms?? I mean I used to be toned. I used to have cool muscles. I am like Mr Blobby now. When I sit down it takes a moment for my body to stop frikkin spreading!!
So today's question is: what did you do/ are you doing to get in shape?? Are there any cool websites that are dedicated to post partum exercise?


  1. OOOoh, I'll be checking back to see what responses you get to this question. Right there with you. The "baby weight" is gone (though the IVF weight, it's still hanging around!), but this is NOT the same body I had 10 months ago...

  2. Your sons throwing up with formula could be a milk allergy. My milk allergic kid was a huge thrower upper and he was exclusively breastfed. Just something to think about. If I am wrong sorry for the assvice.

  3. Hahaha! Your poor body will never be the same girl - but that's ok. Just cuddle those babies every chance you get. I breastfed for 14 months but those pounds didn't exactly shed off! But hoping yours do - and with a job and two babies I don't see how they can't. Good luck!

  4. The weight loss just takes time, and I guess it's different for everyone. My exercise? Carrying a 20 pound boy (biceps), squatting to pick up a binkie off the floor with a 20 pound baby in my arms (quads, butt), lifting a 20 pound baby out of a crib/off the floor mat (core, shoulders, legs). See? It works. That and I forget to have lunch. No dairy or bread for 6 months probably also helped. I am now nearly 10 pounds less than my pre-pg weight! But I still have soft C-section tummy. I'm not sure if that ever goes away. Anyway, give it more time, it will get better, and the BF/pumping will help.