Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ode to Nel.

If anyone asked me what one thing has made these first 9 weeks wonderful I would say without hesitation - Nellie. Nel is the night nanny. It is a total luxury to be able to afford any kind of help. Luckily we saved throughout the pregnancy to afford Nel. When our contract came to a close a few weeks back she suggested we pay her less so she could stay on. I swear - she suggested a lower night rate and no agency involvement. So I cashed some stuff in and we have her for a while longer.

It's not just the sleep. 6 hrs is a godsend I know. It's not just her reassurance and knowledge of twin development. Its her humanity as a whole. She makes the kids giggle and laugh. She is never in a bad or sullen mood even when she's been walking the floors with a cranky kid all night. She always says 'Good Morning mommie" in a bright tone when I stagger out in the am. She even told me to go back to bed the other day when I was coming down with a cold and worked for free as a baby sitter for a couple more hours.

She works all night and today she is on the cancer walk, she volunteers through her church and she is going to a class to set an example for her son. .

I am so amazingly lucky to have her around to make these past 9 weeks what they were. Tonight she takes her first night off. Hope she has a blast!!

If anyone is having twins and is interested in hiring Nel let me know and I'll pass on her contacts. She's worked all over the world and is perfect for the first three months. She can do night work or 24 hour.

There ... that's my Ode to Nel

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  1. Soooooo jealous that you have a night nanny! She sounds AMAZING!!!