Friday, October 15, 2010

FIrst injection drama

Today the kids had their one month injections. They both screamed but Mimi was totally freaked out by the whole thing. Her screams were heart breaking. I tried to keep it together but I was in tears by the time I picked her up. She was so upset. Its been four hours and they are finally asleep. Sod the routine I'm letting them sleep.

They both gained the required 2 pounds. Mimi is in the 50 percentile but Pip is still in the 5%. So compared to other little boys he is very small however he gained his weight and grew in length so I'm happy.

It broke my heart hearing Mimi scream like that. I am still shaken. I can't stop checking on them. Hardest thing so far.


  1. I do okay at the pediatrician's, it's after we get home that I freak out a little. With my oldest, I remember she slept for hours and hours (totally out of character) after her first shots and I convinced myself she was having a terrible reaction and was unconscious. Of course she was just sleeping. My 4 month old just had his dtap shot and for a while was doing that high pitched screaming (also out of character) they warn about in the "signs of an allergic reaction" section of the post-vaccine hand out. I gave him Tylenol and it persisted until finally fell out of my tree and was frantically trying to figure out how to free myself up to go to the emergency room with him. At the very last minute before pulled the rip cord and insisted that my husband leave the office immediately and come home, he finally quit screaming. After that I think I recall my dd also had something like this. It's damn hard not to stress out about these things sometimes. !! It's all so routine to the HCP's but not to us.

  2. I have found that feeding them a bottle while they have their shots works wonders. They cry for one or two seconds and then g right back to eating!