Monday, February 20, 2012

plague and petulance

We seem to be in the same boat as so many out there. Plague hits again. I got sick this time. I was given an inhaler, pills, nose thing, more pills and  I still sound like a brick layer the morning after.

Ah well. At least it's me and not the little ones

They are still coughing a little bit but they seem ... dare I type this? No sorry. Not tempting fate.

I am being super cautious since we are flying next week. Keeping them away from the play zone (or bacteria zone as husband calls it). Please, travel goddess, protect us from flying with sick babies.

So I have a question for all you twinny mums out there.

Is one twin naughtier than the other? Pip is always getting into trouble. He isn't a mean boy just a really ... well... consistently naughty boy! He touches things he knows he not supposed to. I count to 5 and he runs away. But this is happening 100x a day and frankly I am losing my mind!


  1. Oh EB, I hope you feel better soon. Sounds familiar about a naughty twin. Mine happens to be my son, too (17 mos). Same story. My daughter is mellow. She turns right away when I tell her no and goes about her business. My son also seems to like to pull her hair every 5 secs. He is a big mush though, when he is not getting into trouble! Anyway, all we can do is try to be patient and consistent with a consequence for the naughty behavior (I think). Wishing you a safe and healthy journey. Kathy

  2. I was having some problems with the different ways my toddlers were exploring their world and my patience. I found this book to be a huge help for me to understand why one is more "difficult" in some ways versus the other. I checked my copy out from the library.

    My sanity is (somewhat) restored. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you can make it to travel day without sick kiddos.

  3. I hope the meds take over and you're less brick-like soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for your flight. Sick kids on an airplane would not be any fun. I guess different kids explore thier boundaries differently. With two kids, you have two styles of exploration. Even the same kid can act differently depending on how tired/frustrated/ambitious he's feeling. Some days Scout obeys without question, some days he throws himself on the floor and cries when given a "no."