Thursday, February 2, 2012

Low getting higher

I think I hit rock bottom yesterday. I went to see my shrink and just lost it. Went all to pieces. She was great as usual. LOVE HER.  She is insisting that I email her everyday.  So I thought, well might as well email her my exercise and diet. That way I will both exercise and watch my food.

I do feel better today. Probably because today is the first time in a long time that I have time to myself.

Still no job. No consulting gigs either but I am not in a total panic. Not quite. I have some things maybe lining up. I have a lottery ticket!!!

The trip to the UK has turned into a money pit. The second visa application has run into $800's. Such a rip off. If they deny it I will start a campaign to get some cash back. After I take one of the kids to the UK! One kid will be a breeze. Just won't be able to work out at the hotel unless my folks babysit. Mind you, I will be in the countryside so I could actually exercise outside. You know, in the fresh air!!!

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling great - but I'm glad you have a great doctor who understands and really responds. Ugh, the UK trip - or at least your efforts in trying to GET there - do sound like a money pit. If you can appeal or apply for any portion of a refund (if they deny again), I say go for it. Fresh air in the countryside sounds like a perfect way to rest, exercise and feel renewed.