Thursday, February 9, 2012

Airline A$$holes

I'm trying to go see my mum with the kids. DH can't go so I am hoping to take DN (darling nanny). That in itself has been a frikkin' fiasco (visa, visa, visa).
I booked our seats online then immediately called the airline coz I thought I had made a mistake - it didn't look like the kids had seats. Now lapkids is fine by me but not overnight into a rough time zone. They assured me, ASSURED me the kids had seats.

I wasn't so sure I believed the agent so I called again. No they don't have seats. WTF!!!  Can I buy the seats now at the same deal rate - yes of course,  but I shall just make a note ... oh wait, they do have seats. Really? Yes, Madam, they do DOOOOO have seats.

I checked again, same story.

Today I was in an American Airfuckup office (dropping off the $500 visa application!)  and the chick says 'no of course they don't have seats, have you ever seen a seat at that price'.

I am from Yorkshire. We are patient but folks. But when we lose it .... we really lose it.

I think there was smoke coming out of my ears, eyes, nose and ... well you get the picture.

The thing that tipped me over the edge was the condescending explanation that I had booked through a reservation specialist not a ticketing specialist. I's easy, says blue clad byatch, for a reservation person to make this kind of mistake.
This kind of mistake is your bread and feckin butter you moron.

Are you kidding me.

Damn, still mad.

Anyway the long side of this story is I'm travelling over night with two 18 month olds. My wonderful nanny is not phased but she has never flown into this time zone before nor taken an overnight flight with infants (she worked for really wealthy people before us!)

Has anyone got any ideas, thoughts, experiences or general observations that might help me with preparing, overnight flights, lap baby sleeping etc? Anything at all would be most welcome.

Oh and avoid February 29th late flight from JFK to Manchester. Just saying.


  1. Oh EB, you deserve a medal for not committing a multiple murder this week! Poooooor you!!

    I have NO experience with this, but I remember this blog post about air travel and, although some things may not apply, or it may be too late to apply them, I hope the other things are helpful:


  2. P.S. I see you commented on that post wayyyy back when, so I guess you already knew about it! oops!

  3. &%^$!#&!!! Really. What a bunch of a-holes. Reservation specialist versus ticketing specialist? Who the ef knew? Sorry I have no advice for the flight - I just hope one of the kids pukes on a reservation specialist during the ordeal...or was it a ticketing specialist? Bad, bad airline

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