Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cough Cough Cough

Mimi, myself and the nanny are all sick. Wonder nanny even called in sick today which is something. She was so ill yesterday that I asked her to go home but she wanted to prepare the roast chicken and veggie's before she left!

I went to bed last night in the firm belief that I would be up. And oh yes, I was back up in one hour. After the fourth time of cough cough, cough cough, ... , mammmmmmma!! I just lay on the floor next to her crib and shushed her back to sleep. I think I may have to ability to shush in my sleep.  Once DH gets home from work I shall go to bed and get some sleep ready for the night shift again. I do hope I get a job soon so I can go on a business trip and sleep. I'd even take an overnight flight at this point!!!

Today, she is eating and drinking water and napping. I am not sure why I was given such a wonderful child. She is quite something. We all feel crappy but somehow she is still generous and smiling. Even when she coughs and it clearly hurts her. I stroke her head and she says 'dank you'. It must be the mum thing but when I look at her I see something special. A sense of kindness. Of goodness. Other people mention it to me all the time. Can't really take any credit :-)

I gotta go. There are some terrifying noises coming from their room followed by giggles. Never good. 

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  1. Sweet Mimi! I love that she thanks you for stroking her head! Get better soon!