Sunday, February 12, 2012

Airplane toys

Anyone got any good ideas about what toys to take with us on the plane?  I'm thinking ...

1) disposable
2) small
3) light

great for 18 month olds.

So far I have been given the following ideas

connector toys that pop together
plastic cars
something they can scribble on


  1. There is a Cheerios board book where you fill in slots with cheerios to complete the picture (my son loved it at that age because he got to eat all the cheerios).

    Usborne makes great sticker books (where you place the corresponding sticker into the story and there is one for taking a plane for the first time). Other stickers or sticker books are good.

    The small, travel size magnetic drawing boards are good as is an Etch-a-Sketch (they make a travel size and also a travel size Rubik's cube).

    I would check the $1 bin at Target, always good for little somethin-somethings.

    Also, and while a bit of a PITA, I wrapped everything and doled them out during the duration of the flight. The un-wrapping also takes time.

  2. Many kids love airplane toys. You can also give them playmobil airport play set for them to see and imagine the real set up of an airport where airplanes take off.