Thursday, July 26, 2012


I went to Washington again yesterday to meet with my last interviewer for the big new job. I think it went well but who can tell, right? So I am waiting. And if I don't get this position I have another one close to closing but in an agency that I really don't want to work in. I just don't agree with what they do.
I've also got two outstanding contracts so right now I feel like one of those guys spinning plates at the circus.

Amazing arrived home around 740pm and heard little giggles and whispers. DH looked fed up

"They won't go to sleep"


I rushed in there and scooped them up kissing every inch of their cute, clean haired heads. They just wanted  a little attention. So I changed their nappies  (kissing the belly of course) and gave each on a longer than normal pre-bed cuddle (little head on shoulder, arms wrapped tightly around my neck). Once they were back in bed we did our blanket ritual (they lay on their front and I fan a blanket over them from tip to toe,  five times) and they settled down nicely.

Giggling in a really cute tired way they turned to look for me, so I sat on eye level with them loving how they were clutching teddy's (or rabbits) and books, and we all just waited for Mr Snore to come along.

Massive amounts of comfort through just being together.

Add to this domestic bliss that DH bought me some Jamaican Blue coffee as a surprise and I was in family heaven!

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