Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation glow

We had our first vacation in ... well, I actually can't remember, to be honest. Three nights in a lovely home two hours north of NYC and it could have been a world away. Idyllic. Fireflies! An outdoor living room.  Kids got to sleep with us which is a real treat and we all loved it. Funny how it effects their behavior in the day tho. Lots of naughty, not listening sort of thing.

Hot? Hell, yes. But the A/C worked and the next door neighbour's  (grandparents of people we rented from) had a pool which they invited us to.

Which means I swam. In public. Big deal. Totally worth it. Why? Coz Mimi is a water baby!! Who knew! When I was a kid I would spend every moment of our holiday either in the camp ground pool or sea. My daughter takes after me which if you think about our situation is such a wonderful surprise :-) We really bonded over in the water. I was so proud of her. She was delighted by the whole experience. We decided to join the local YMCA for their little kid swim lessons.

The break also gave me time to reflect on the whole job situation. I'm going to go for it. It's an industry I want to be in. It's a great way in if the gamble works and if it sucks ... I'll go back to consulting. I love working hard. It gives me great satisfaction to put my shoulder to the wheel. This job will give me many opportunities to do that but the big thing is I will be contributing to an industry that I can be proud to be part of.

So, great vacation.
Job process going well
Tanned and looking healthy

How was your 4th?

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