Saturday, July 14, 2012

The big adventure (or why I love NYC)

I just got in from a three hour jaunt around NYC. We popped in to see some friends then walked through the farmers market at Union Square (THE most unfriendly people) then down through the village to University and then on to Soho to see "daddy!!!!!" for lunch.

We got a cab back!

I am so frikkin' exhausted!!

I used to walk around this city for days at a time. It's not the exercise as much as the stress of toddling twins. Somehow Mimi has developed personality from hell. She is demanding, mean, selfish. She is also totally sweet, cuddly, funny and smart. I have whip lash from her mood swings.
Pip is a riot but don't whatever you do get in between his mum and him!

We went out all groomed and looking sharp. Mimi had on a cute H&M outfit as did I. Pip had clothes from his grandma. We got back looking like we had somehow become homeless and shiftless!! Mimi has no pants on. I was covered in food. Pip is pristine except for a little wet patch on his pants but that's Pip for you.

I wiped them off and threw then into bed.

I'm joining them.

Over and out. 

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  1. hahaha! I love the image of how sharp and well-groomed you all were when you started your adventure....and the sharp contrast of Mimi's lack of pants upon the return!!

    Whew, I see that many days myself. I find that the boys having just turned 3, are MUCH more manageable than they have ever been before...when they want to be, that is....