Monday, July 30, 2012


I know, two posts in one day.

Mimi is sick. When she pee's it hurts her and she is peeing massive amounts. We took her to the doctors and they did the pee test and nothing came back - no white blood count elevation etc.

They prescribed a sits bath twice a day and making sure she is as dry as possible.

Please tell me anything about this if it has happened to your little ones - I hate seeing her in pain and I am, of course, worried mindless.

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  1. Could she have an "external" yeast infection? My daughter got one last year. From personal experience, that can burn when you pee. Her pediatrician prescribed a medicated diaper cream (Vusion) and it cleared right up.

    You said she is peeing a lot. Do you mean she's going frequently or the quantity of pee is a lot? I know with a UTI, you always feel like you have to go and then it's just a trickle.