Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rainy days and new jobs

 Of course its pissing it down everyday I have the kids to myself! We are bouncing off the walls! I'm also not good on the anxiety front if I stay in too much so the obsessions over the new job are setting in. 

Luckily tomorrow we booked a breakfast with the fake grandparents which, rain permitting, may be an opportunity to get the kids in the pool. Having a pool is the height of glamour for me. I don't know anyone in the UK with a pool!

It's utterly exhausting having two nearly two year olds inside for this much time.  I have ground my teeth so much that I've got toothache!  However thanks to our concentrated time together in close quarters I can state that Mimi is literate. Sort of. She can read certain words and count to ten. Not sure about Pip coz no-one can understand him (ironic since Mimi is the binky queen). He can run faster than Bolt and tonight, we played cat and mouse around our apartment before I wrangled him into bed. I couldn't help but laugh which just encouraged him all the more.  My mum calls him Pipfullpelt.

Man am I going to miss my little ones when I got back to work. Good job my new office is just a short walk away :-)


  1. That's so great that your new office is so near to home!!! Sorry about all the rain:(((

  2. Congratulations on the new job! I hope it is just perfect.

    The kids sound like so much fun...reading (a bit), counting and running - just as it should be. I'm trying to imagine how my twins will be different from each other. I'm so used to one kid and the way he is. I have to get over wanting the babies to turn out just like Scout (except the part where he throws whatever is in his hand when he gets mad).

    BTW, we had a Dora themed party for Scout's second birthday too! Must be something about 2-year olds. How wonderful to have the party over 2 days.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on the new job! Yay! Will you be travelling to the DC area frequently? If so, we need to meet sometime.