Monday, July 23, 2012

The pull and push of motherhood

I am in glorious San Francisco. I love coming here but always underestimate the jet lag. It's a killer.

My meeting is not until 3pm and its on a project that I probably won't do because it isn't financially viable (yes, yes, I actually speak like that) and so my work mojo is zero.

Add to that the kids are both speaking to me on the phone now but they are saying things like
"where ARE you NOW mamma" and 'I really want a cuddle" except it sounds like "wally cluddie want want".  I love work. I love my kids. I love travel. I love home. So I am pulled and pushed whatever I do. I realized on this trip that I will never be completely happy and that's ok. I must try to enjoy what I am doing when I am doing it to avoid going insane.

If I won the ... yes, we are her again ... if I won the lottery I would take my kids everywhere with me (plus the nanny) just like Brad & Angie.  Any excuse to snuggle with toddlers is a great thing.

I see them tomorrow. Red eyeing home so I can go to music class with them in the morning and collapse in the afternoon!

PS our friend '' is expecting twins, again. Pop over and give the women some love!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, EB! Wishing you a great and productive time in San Fran (I love it there, too). Please eat some sourdough bread for me as this carb counting girl can't have it on her gestational diabetes diet :(

  2. Yes, constant pull and push of motherhood. Crap, I missed Scout horribly today when my mom took him for about an hour to the fabric/craft store! She must have known because midway through their trip she had him call me on her cell phone so that I could hear his voice and know that he was having a good time. I can't imagine how much you must have missed your kids from 3,000 miles away! You are a tough (yet soft) cookie!

    I nearly wrote a post about "Toddler Speak" which I find incredibly adorable - but thought that perhaps other readers might find it boring. Don't you just love the way they arrange words in their sentence?