Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updates and what not

Feel like I need to wrap up a few posts that I left hanging.

Job: interviewing for full time positions but nothing is really rocking my world (or being offered to me ;-)) so I am still consulting. The work is plenty and the money is good. I miss my team tho. We all keep getting together for lunch! I can see us getting the band together at some point in the future. We did really great work together and I miss the output.
I keep thinking I should outside my field. Try something new. Maybe I ought?

Headhunter fiasco - she took me out for drinks and apologized. Oh I'm so sorry, this has never happened before, yada yada. She's not a horrible person, just you know, not good at her job! I asked if they would have hired me if I didn't have little kids and she couldn't say no,  although they were careful not to mention it to her. She did say she has placed tons of young dads and only 2 mothers with young kids. Amazing.

Every morning we snuggle, play, dance, read, run, try to jump and share tea & toast for breakfast. Can you see me smile from there? They are running around and being toddlers. Pip really wants to communication better and gets very frustration. He lets out this bizarre parrot sound.  Mimi loves to chatter on the phone and doesn't care what she says or to whom. Usually she calls you a 'pretty girl' and says she is 'nice'. Which she is :-)

Phew. Thats it. How you doing??


  1. I'm glad the consulting is plenty - that's really good news EB. And the kids sound amazing - the toddler years are fun, huh? I'm loving it! xxoo

  2. EB, consulting sounds wonderful for a mom. Milk this opportunity. You will be back to that crazy pace again in no time. Sounds like that snafu with the job was meant to be at the moment. Screw it. Enjoy the extra time with those gorgeous, amusing kiddos of yours. As long as you are paying the bills, don't stress. And you can do anything you want. You obviously are a very intelligent, highly skilled person. It will all work out for you! All the best, Kathy