Sunday, May 13, 2012

A surprise surprised.

Well, that was unexpected. I loved Mother's Day.

The best thing about Mother's Day this year?  My kids.

It was a glorious day in every way. Just the three of us. Up early to with Europe and then out into the sunshine. We we're all a bit drowsy, maybe because of the pollen or maybe the sunny Sunday but half  way around the farmers market my little ones were asleep. So I could take my time and not have to buy all the crap that they pick up or kick over. A couple of (homeless) guys (from the mental hospital) wished a Happy Mothers Day to which I replied "Thank you very much" and they beamed. I guess homeless and mentally unstable makes you somewhat societally invisible. They seemed really surprised that I responded.

Then a walk by the river which is always glorious no matter what the weather. On the way home I even got my nails tidied up.

When we got back there was lots of dancing to groovy 80s music and they went to bed for their afternoon nap. I usually cram work in to this time but today I fell fast asleep for 2 hours. The best gift of all.

Other wonders and marvels.
I found out today that if the kids sit in the rocking chair and I sit on the floor, rocking the chair,  they nearly faint with laughter.
Pip wanted to have a long cuddle and watch the Mup.pets which is just Nirvana for me.
Mimi and I read tons today, taking it in turns to point things out.
Bath time was epic. I shall go in there at some point this evening and face the music!
First rate cuddles before bed and an easy transition to bedtime.

A perfect Mothers Day. I am the luckiest person in the whole world. 


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  2. Beautiful. You so much deserved this day!