Sunday, May 27, 2012

post baby body changes

It's been nearly two years. I thought I would be back to something like my old self by now. I lost the baby weight more or less. Yet my body has never been in such crappy shape. I have flags on my arms and a flabby mid-drift. My baby belly is still hanging around, no pun intended.

It's not easy being this new shape either. I used to be curvy, like an hourglass. Everything got exaggerated with the pregnancy so that now if you traced my outline you'd probably get motion sickness.

I run for an hour every other day and have just started back up with the weights.

Anyone else still working this one out so long after having kids??


  1. I would say at least 75 percent of the female childbearing population have this problem. Myself included. It's not just you. I'm thinking that we should just all wear girdles now! I think Spanks are in my future!!!

  2. I haven't even lost the baby weight so you're a step ahead of me. Being a full-time working mom leaves very little time to get to the gym. I am joining wei.ght wat.chers again and have started getting out for long walks now so maybe that will help. It's all about making time for ourselves, which is so hard to do.

  3. Oh yeah. The redistribution of weight is rather astonishing. And, sadly, unlike the actual weight, seems to be sticking around. Which is a shame. Gravity is not my best look...