Sunday, May 6, 2012

Closer to home

Turned out the vacation house offer from a client was just too 'involved'. He is a very wealthy fellow and his house looked like it had millions of dollars of breakable stuff in it!! Also the idea of the boat ride - four hours - with toddlers just made the whole thing a little overwhelming.

So instead we are most probable going to my dearest friends lake house. It's only 60 mins from NYC and in a lovely area - great for hiking, swimming (in a lake) and generally soaking up the sun and fresh air.

Since my friend is a writer the house is full of books but she doesn't have a TV. I'm not sure whether to mention this to DH. He may go into shock! I'll have to bring a computer for work etc so I shall slip some of his favourite films in and we can snuggle up at night and watch old black and white wonders.

I am so excited about seeing the kids in the fresh air, on grass and splashing around in the lake. We have to get them swimming costumes - what's best? The rash guard or old fashioned swimming duds?

I hope Pip has grown out of this shrieking stage before we go (June) or there shall be either some new folklore in the village about howling moons or someone will think we're keeping some kind of fox holed up in the cottage!

Reading suggestions please!

What were your best vacations with 21 month olds?


  1. If there is a nice sloping beach it will be lots of fun for the kids to use a bucket and spade and paddle in and out of the water. Rocks are great "toys" too!
    Maybe a bat and ball?
    Keep it simple. Water squirters

  2. My phone went wacko!
    It sounds like a wonderful place for a relaxing holiday! Have fun!