Wednesday, May 16, 2012

is anyone else...

... knackered?

I just can't seem to wake up, no matter what I do. I made a huge iced coffee this morning, added a shot of espresso to it (don't judge) and all I got was odd tasting coffee and a headache.

Oddly enough, when I ... relieved myself  (don't judge) the headache went away.  Is that some indication of a really rare disease????? Or coincidental with my headache pills kicking in.

The heat doesn't help. The kids look like they have been dunked in water - both get really hot, sticky heads when its humid. Mimi wants to cuddle all the time so she shimmies up me, pulling at my clothing and generally creating small but significant ripping noises yet once she's perched on my hip she gets too hot and wants to be put down. Rinse and repeat a few thousand times and my back thinks my brain has lost its short term memory.

Happily I have a lovely job to do tonight. I get to go see a Broadway musical and write a report for the producers. Free ticket and away from the kids bedtime ritual for a night. It is 50/50 whether I stay awake for the whole thing :-)

Question: Mimi seems tired all the time. She sleeps 10 -12 hours a night with a 1-2 hour nap in the day. Any ideas? 


  1. Hi EB,
    on thoughts about you being tired: maybe you should have your iron and thyroid levels checked. If either one of those is off, then I can absolutely feel exhausted! As far as Mimi, my boys are now almost 3 (!!!!) and they generally sleep for 10 hours a night and take a 1-2 hour nap in the day. I think that is in the realm of normal. Perhaps Mimi is about to have a growth spurt or developmental spurt!

    Hope things even themselves out!

  2. My son consistently slept 9-9hours a night with a 2 hour nap until her was 4. He gave up the nap cold turkey one year ago & sleeps 9-10 hrs a night & he just turned 5. 'Issues' with kids are usually more relative to them. Does she routinely sleep like this or does it represent a recent change. It could be that she incoming down with something or going thru milestone achievement oragrowth spurt. So much for commenting fromtheiPad.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your night out!

    Yes, I am wiped out, pretty much from noon onward. But then, holy crap, I've gained a ton of weight and am carrying 2 babies, plus waddling around after a toddler, so if I weren't tired I'd be worried!

    I think the heat and humidity plays a huge role in exhaustion. It's very draining - particularly when a little one is also climbing you like a tree!

    I think Mimi's sleeping sounds right on target. Scout sleeps about that much - sometimes more. They are growing, both physically and about draining! So I would just indulge her and enjoy the respite!