Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Today I had a cup of tea.  A real cup of tea. Oh joy unbounded.  I am better, by Jove, I am better. 

Well.  That Christmas sucked. I think we may have a Chinese New Year party.  I went to 0, count 'em 0, parties this season and I am damned if Mimi's party dresses are going to waste. 

The kids couldn't be less interested in Christmas or Chanukah's presents. Its so funny. They like stacking them but eh, we have stuff, why do we need more?? I guess that might change next year. 

The best present is that my folks are thinking of coming over. They have spoken about this before but the health insurance costs seem to be insanely high. But for all of us to go over there - well, it is thousands of dollars coz we would have to rent a big car, hotel etc. I

Oh and the second best present is that thanks to not eating for weeks I lost another 10 pounds. I am back to my prepreg weight. Yipeeeeeee. My jeans are falling off my arse! I can't find my belts anywhere. Oh well, have to go shopping. 

So whilst the holiday was no darn fun I did get some Santa like experiences. 

Now onto 2012 where...
we win the lottery


I get a new job 
I direct some Shakespeare and an original play
The kids start pre-school !!!!
We start looking for our next home
I run a 5K in under 30mins. 
I drop another 30 pounds
I write a book ( been saying that one for years!)
We go on an actual holiday, with beach chairs and suntan lotion
We kick date night up a notch
We see our respective families in the flesh instead of over computers. 

Looks like 2012 is gonna be a blast!!


  1. Happy, happy, happy new year EB to you and yours -- I'm so glad the sick has left you and your list for 2012 is awesome! Sending much love,

  2. Happy 2012!! I hope that everything on your list comes true and more!!!

  3. Happy New Year, EB! Congratulations on the weight loss - especially difficult during the holiday season. I hope your parents make the trip to see you. Nice 2012 goals!