Monday, January 23, 2012

Worst mother ever

I made my kid puke tonight.

Yep. I put her to bed and she started to cry. Now, at 17 months both kids are pretty much mum focused. I wasn't thinking and I just walked out of the room and into our bedroom to try and work on the mountain of clothing in there.

I heard crying and screaming but DH was in there so I figured he would baby whisperer the kids to sleep.

Oh no.

I heard coughing and then ... splat! Oh I hate that noise.

Action station. Change crib sheets, crib bumpers, baby clothing and give bambina quick bath and hair wash.

Lie on floor racked with guilt with very upset baby and hyper active sibling.

Slowly calm everyone down including self, kissing clean baby and signing 'sorry' a thousand times.

Realize kid has already forgotten puking and is wondering why mum hasn't put her into bed yet.

Yeah, I made my daughter puke tonight. Worst. Mum. Ever.

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  1. You are FAR from the worst mother (regardless of how you may feel). Things like this happen. It sucks, to be sure, but let go of the guilt (if you can).

    Comment posting seems to be working.

  2. You are not a bad mother, EB. You are a great mum. You are normal. You put your baby to bed and babies cry. They do. And some people ferberize and let them cry for longer than you did. She could have just as easily cried herself to sleep. And DH was in there, right?

    No guilt necessary.

    But I'm sorry you had to clean up the mess!


  3. As much as it sucks - it does happen. Megyn co-sleeps with us for that very reason. Every time we tried to let her go a little she works herself into vomiting within 1-3 minutes. You are a great mum - these things happen, unfortunately. :-(