Saturday, January 7, 2012


Dear lord its complicated. In order to go see a preschool I have had to fill in more paper than when I applied for Uni! I am supposed to pre-book some psych testing. WTF!

It's mute anyway since it looks like we can't afford most of the preschools in the area. They run from $10 - 15K a year for two mornings a week. Now, this to me is an absolute abomination. HOW MUCH!

So I'm back to trying to start something less formal and less expensive but the legal set up is just very complicated which tends to be a bit off putting.

Here's my idea - what do you think?

Three mornings a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) from 10 -12pm.
Rotating topics approach - Art, Math, Science, Dance, Music, etc
Snack and Story time.
Hired instructor for one hour per session.

Location: Either at each other's homes or we club together for a space.
Logistics: We all agree to quarterly budget,  parent/nanny responsibilities and sign a legal waiver.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! Who plans and executes the day's art/math/music etc activities? I guess you all take a turn? The child care rates are really crazy there. Wow. I'm hoping to get Scout in a daycare/preschool program that will cost about $750 per month for 3 days per week. Actually, now that I do the math, that's not all that much less than what your programs cost. How the heck does anyone afford daycare for 2 or THREE kids? Holy crap.

    And yes, I may need to chat, thank you. Twins!